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 The Black Obelisk ( Mature, Black Obelisk ) Damon/

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Damon Eros

Damon Eros

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PostSubject: The Black Obelisk ( Mature, Black Obelisk ) Damon/   Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:10 am

In the depths of the desert laid the ruins of a once great and mighty Empire that stretched the land and engulfed the smaller Kingdoms that came before it. One of the ruins was a large Obelisk made from a black stone that seemed to draw the very suns light that beat down on it in the daytime. A stone that seemed almost to have a liquid inside that seemed to pulse with an energy, that was said to be the suns rays it captured. Magic was indeed within the stones make, as much as the natural occurrence that it formed from a certain expelling of dragons fire brought forth upon the sands of the desert. Whatever the truth of the stones origin it has stood the many millennia from the time it was constructed by the great pharaohs of the desert to show their power over the land that was said to be untamable. And at the very peak of the Obelisk sat a Golden Pyramid in which the rituals to the old gods was performed as it was closer to the realms of the gods being so high in the air. Two hundred feet in fact if you measured it from bast to the tip of the golden tip. But then that was when the Kingdom was rich and held the land, now the world around it had been retaken by the sands and tales of her people legend. So few alive now that remember the history and marvels to come from this land and her people. Those of her people still alive mixed among the new kingdoms that sprouted from the fall of this great land. The royal family thought to have been killed long ago in a war that had ravaged the landscape into a barren reminder of what once was.

But then so few really traveled into the desert ways and knew the facts of truth. That in those ruins of that great structure lay a large tomb indeed for the royal family, but that is not the only secret that lay there. No it was one of many that people had tried to find over the many years. Explorers, Bandits, theives, all looking for treasures of this ancient land had come to the dark structure looking for those secrets, never to be seen from again. And warnings going out throughout the land that it was off limits to all that sought to rob its riches or even explore its inner sanctum. Though lucky you adventurer, you had been cleared by the lands around the ruins to be given a special pass to do what no one else had done in centuries. And that is study the Obelisk in detail. They do have a few little details to work out with you. One, any treasure that you do find inside the Obelisk is to be studied and catalogued as artifacts of the lands. Any Magical Books, artifacts or other such items are to be handed to the Magic Academy for research before assessed and those not of sinister nature are yours to keep after being recorded and copied. Any documents or research you find and make along the way is to be shared with the College of Arts and recorded in their annals. Money you find in treasure can and will be given to you at the end of the adventure. Yes they only opened this to a female Adventurer, but then again they say luck is a lady and you will need her on your side. For no others have made it back alive.

Prepare for an adventure like no other and perhaps find more then you bargined for.
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The Black Obelisk ( Mature, Black Obelisk ) Damon/
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