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 Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai

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Damon Eros

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Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai Empty
PostSubject: Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai   Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai EmptyFri Jun 29, 2018 12:21 am

Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai 010

In this world those in power are the ones that shape the world, they are the masters of the realms they look over. In many cases the ones in power are the rich and corrupted. Did it come with the power? Was it inhereint in their dna? Or simply a Twist of fates that paints them into such corners that their is nothing to escape that destiny? Then again many Nobles that presumed themselves of Royal blood, were really men and women with hearts that ruled their people with a fair hand, a just reign. Were it always so simple as good or bad, black or white sides of the same eternal coin that was the struggle. But often that is not the case, and in some cases that line that divides becomes fuzzy and black and white becomes the middle, shades of Grey. Where not every action of a Good heart is so Heavenly, and sometimes its this division that turns a man into something else. You could not always guess on race, or those of a single race that served a supposed evil. Sometimes the world help many singular or group of individuals that toed the line but would supprise you. Their race was one of the oldest, back when Evil roamed the lands in ancient unstoppable glory. Stepped into this world from their own, or perhaps rather thrown out by that, 'Good' that they once belonged. Unseelie Courts had made their ruling clear, the Vampires were not to have any coming back, and cursed to live the mortal world, in their Immortal glory. Something that perhaps was more a curse on those that were mortal, humans and other newer races found their nightmares real. And even that Evil that became of some races, feared those high up. Many will say the different guesses to Vampire history, some saying they origionated in Baator, with the Devils, others the abyss with Demons, and so catorgized by this. Some say they were once Angels, fallen from the light of the Good Gods. Perhaps because Vampires are so Ancient and their kind shrouded in mystery and myth. Many think them that, myths and childrens nightmares tales to scare them into being good. Its all about what you believe and if you see one, perhaps they will say their story, or perhaps just drain you. Lucky you become one of their kin, though that way you are considered weaker, a subspieces. Though many 'turned' hold powers they had in life, and become like Gods of the ' Noble' Vampires.

Though it might be true, not all the Nobles are from Zytheria, some have become Planes walkers, or perhaps some doorway or ritual thrown them into this realm. One of many of the Nexus, as this plane is one facet of all the others. Each facet holding another vision of the world. And the Veil was not always so strong as once it had been. Rifts brought all manner of beings through from other facets, and perhaps other realms of the multiverse. But this story has to do with a Zytherian Vampire of a Noble House, one of the Largest houses and on the Council of Vampires. A branch of the many branched trees of Vampire Kind. And it began in the most simple of places for such a long and Eventful Tale.

Within the Tavern, known as the Scarlet Coutesan, its sign a woman with bright red hair and dressed sexy, showing off her ample bosom, and her thigh. It was in this Darker Establishment in the Begining of night, that this tale begins. Another of those Twists of Fate, a meeting of those which would otherwise never meet. In these dark days times were hard for the Towns in the Mountain Region known as Wyrm Spine, in a valley that was wide and held many small towns and a handfull of the smaller villages. The Town of Eaziles Breath, was where he had chosen to enjoy this nights escape. Not far from his Castle in Hells Peak, there were many rumors of this Lord. Son of their late king he was Prince of the Verilias Region. But like the King, much was a mystery and seldom did he show during the day. Perhaps why those rumors spoke about him so graphically. Along with murders in the town when he came, even though many were bandits and cutpurses, their blood drained, that made many avoid him, no matter his noble blood. As always he had rented out the back section of the Tavern as his own, and there were many events for those he played cards with. One was the Serving girls, who weathered the drunken catcalls, leers, and many times the slaps on their ass's. As always they were of the Catgirl race, Daimons favored kind, and the Tavern Owner, a rather large and imposing man with many scars and a nose broken more then once. Wallace Caine, was a man that held the Tavern together, whom opened the special Sections to all manner of people. and aslong as they respected his rules, the staff, and gave him a split of their profits, you could do almost anything here. Merchants sold their wares in many booths or stalls in the back. Guilds in the town met here to discuss their 'Business', and nothing was told to any. His staff knew to keep their mouths shut and their ears only if someone needed something from them. Tonight was special he had been paid for the serving wenches, and that back room normally reserved for him, and the other 'Entertainment.' Dancers would be on the stages dotting this large expanse in the back. Slowly stripping for the Clients and the Prince himself. A man that loved looking to the women, and the women looked back. He was charming, and in person he acted rather kind though sometimes his anger overruled that and gave them pause.

The Nobles, young and old were here tonight, invited to share this time. They wanted to be like him and worshiped him, even as he seldom joined them in their parties, showing on rare occasion to uphold his rule and to not insult. It was ok, many believed all the stories about him and sometimes asked only to be polite to their Prince. He had not taken the mantle his father left him. Many wondered why, but he never gave them answers, and scared they did not ask alot. Normally he sent his Servant to town, and elderly looking man whom all liked and wondered how he became to serve under Daimon when others were denied. Just the two of them lived in that large Palace in the Mountains.

Lidia was the Dancer close to him, she was a beauty, though she only had one eye. An accident as a kid had made her lose the sight in the other. She was liked and was always on hand for personal dances as long as the men did not touch. Daimon was her favored guest and she gave him free lap dances when he wanted. For a man that seemed distant, she could warm him up the same as others. But there was things about him that scared her, sometimes his eyes flashed in low light. The same as that was tonight. When Daimon came the lights of the Tavern were low, only a few candles and lanterns were lit. So she got used to it, the men seen her and payed her for her dancing, that was all that counted, and sometimes Daimon asked for her by name to show off for the Nobles he was with or his business partners of his Merchants Guild. A Prince with many ties in lands far away, who brought new inventions and newer ways of life to the old Towns and Villages that others thought backwards. He helped each town and House of Nobles, with his wealth. Even the poor was helped, given a chance at a job in the many establishments he opened. And learning centers for the children so they unlike their parents could learn more. She liked that about him, though sometimes not the Ladies he was with. Sometimes he took lovers and they became snoody in their thoughts of powers, and he let them go after a few months. Far away, perhaps he too got tired of their suff. She was moving slowly, taking off her Eastern Rizashi dress, her breasts would bounce as she would rise up. That bending showing off that ample bosom, that was held barely by a small leather band. She kicked her dress to his table and smiled, giving a wink. Daimon returned it as Lord Felane would grumble about all the girls loving Daimon and not giving him a chance. Felane was dark, all seen it, for he was a Master, like Daimon. Taking women and Training them for either himself, or other Lords. Other Lords that filled the table, men and women playing a game for high stakes. Lesser lords sat by and watched the entertainment, the game, or awaiting the special occasion that was for once allowed in the Tavern. Something Wallace otherwise would forbid in his establishment. A Sale of a woman, as good as slavery was that trade. And he did not like it one bit, though Daimon had talked to him, the man selling needed the money. Like many farmers this year, had not gotten enough to see him through the winter that was coming, nor to feed his family and reseed the farm. Alot of no rain this year had caused a drought, killing feilds and animals alike. And more then one person in this hot weather, fall was this day. And so the Harvest had began and its celebration, everywhere would party for a week. Though many did not have much to be celebrating, harsh summer had drained spirits.

A young Neko girl would bring him a drink, dark wine would look as crimson as blood in the chalice that he drank from, its rim golden inlayed into the glass. She would bow to Daimon and he would hand her a silver for her troubles and it would make her eyes widen and smile. He was always a gracious tipper. So Raine would bring him his drinks personally when they looked needing refilled. He would softly run his hand on her ass, and she would blush as he did. Not moving as she enjoyed Daimon, her crush had grown and she would not mind stealing him to sit on his lap and make out. Like they had one night awhile back. He was kind and always made sure to ask about her. She would then sway away with a sexy saunter. Letting him have a look at her backside as she bent to pick up a fallen towl from the bar. She wore a short skirt that would ride up her tight backside and show her silken g string. Something she wore just for him.

Daimon would smile feeling his groin tighten and lengthen within his black leather pants. He wore a blue silk shirt, its upper buttons undone, reveiling part of his muscled chest. One that was ripped with muscles like all of him.  And his pale skin was flawless over that chisled frame. A jacket would remain on the back of his chair. It was warm in here with three hearths roaring with life. Food and drink would come in for the many guests and patrons invited to share this time with him, and many times he bought rounds for the outter room. Everyone seemed in good spirts, even those losing at cards to him. It was just his unnatural luck that let him win more times then lose. And skill as he was taught by the best, his father and brothers. The youngest of his Family he had lost his oldest sister, and it had forever changed him. He wore her ring against his chest on a crystal chain. Unlike his siblings Daimon could not anymore walk in the Daylight, something had changed that, and it was all unknown why. He had just become Darkness to all those that loved him, cut himself off from them and stayed as they moved. Even to his parents.

Master Daimon was his title others used, as they all served him, and he trained women to be better toys for men like Felane. His unemotional friend. Or so they sure acted friendly, perhaps just rather tolerated the other. None knew which was darker, Daimon or Felane. His white hair would be combed, and those bright blue eyes traced the hazy back room that was hardly lit. Bright light hurt his eyes as much as the Sunlight burned him, though it should not. Perhaps it was just his change that had happened. His locking himself away from those he once cared about, and his own people. His lips turned up into a smile that never touched his eyes, as he patted Felane's back in jest to their jokes about his luck. Not many uttered the rumors around him, they knew he was something other then human, but all they knew is it was darkness, so different from their old king. Soon it would be time for the sale, and the reason he had come here, at a petition of the man that would be selling his Eldest Unmarried Daughter. One that Daimon had never seen, had only heard the man talk about her.Perhaps thinking Daimon might like her, and save her from the whole sale to someone who would make her their Courtesan. Sitting back in his seat he would soon call for silence and speak.

" I thank you all for coming this night of the Feast. To join me for this special occasion we have tonight. Something that I was asked by the man
at the stage to provide. He needs money so I will expect the ones bidding tonight to not be stingy, or you can leave or sit and watch. When a man needs something, let it be known I spare no expense to help out."

He would then stop the game so all could shift their chairs to the Stage Lidia had used, she was serving drinks now aswell. All stopped their seperate dealing and talks to give him and this man their full attention. Some gave rapt attention to the man, awaiting the sight of his daughter that was no doubt behind the curtains awaiting her fate. Daimon would shake his head, many of their thoughts were dark and grim. He knew if she went to them, she would be no more then a toy to their whims. Many thought to use her in many ways that seemed darker and darker with each person. Women aswell did think alike those of their male companions, either as a courtesan, slave, or some little toy they could use to gain what they wanted. Using her. Many smelled anxious to see her, for some here knew the family and her herself. Those here held different wants from her, some were noble aswell. To free her of this, and those wanting to use her. Perhaps seeing her would make their noble wants turn to lust aswell. He sighed, normally he would not do this, he hated the sale. Though did not mean he had not bought himself a few to train. A darkness in him had shifted him from the young man he once was, liked all around for his outgoing personality. The man he had become was as strong as steel and just as well turned into a weapon to kill. He would look to the Father. A man named Varick.

Soon he would look at those gathered here, ashamed inside and more then once thinking to just say he was wrong and take her home. His wife hated this, she should have been married off long ago, but they had needed her. With her fathers accident in the feild, and old war wounds that acted up, she had stayed and helped. For that he would always Love his daughter. Such a sweet girl and his little Angel. But they had the other Siblings of hers to feed, and since she was unmarried, they could not ask for a payment or help of her husband. Nor would Varick beg the Prince, a man he had fought for in many battles before the King had died supposedly. Thats what they all thought happened to him anyways. Obviously of a long lived race as he had been king for millenia. Now Daimon ruled and he had gone to him with this proposal. The sale of his daughter for money. Something that ate at him, but he was resolute to do this, could not let his family starve and fail to provide for them just cause of his injury to his back. So he would clear his throat.

" I am here to sale my Daughter to the highest bidder, I am not wanting too, but there are things a man must do that he dislikes. I thank Prince Daimon for his help in aquiring this place and to help bring those he hangs with. I hope she pleases those here."

He was nervous and it showed, also Daimon could read his thoughts and smell the anxiety, worry, and over all shame that it came to this. Perhaps he should beg, better then losing her to these men and women. Those Nobles, many he knew were no more then children playing at ruling. And some dark as the night and twice as deadly as the Leonians.

" I present to you all, My beautiful and loving daughter."

He would open the curtains and call for her to come to him, holding out his hand. Though she might not take it. She had so opposed doing this, but her families needs were more then her pride and all. Perhaps, that is what her father thought. He hated seeing her leered at in that dress he had picked out for her, showing off most of her to their eyes. He felt no better then some Courtesans house owner. Giving his daughter to those that would deflower her and no doubt make it as painful for her, as as much pleasure for them. He heard the tails of these people and what they did for fun at their parties and the slaves they owned used for public fun. It tore him up, perhaps he could take money from those he knew would keep her safe, would watch over her and let her visit. Someone not like the Prince, who he had heard rumors about and knew made women into toys for others, making them love sex so much that they craved it.

All the men and women would cheer seeing her, and they would smile wide inside at the prospect of owning her themselves, had Daimon not forbid outright fighting over bids, they would call them out now. Hoping the man would choose theirs, and fight for her until they owned her, some using weapons in duels. She was beautiful so very much so, that even Daimon seemed to take her in. He was silent in the shadows though, and nothing of emotion would touch his face. They would however call out to her, and demand that she take it off. To show them her 'Assets', and why they should buy her. They looked at her not like a young lady, but like some horse to buy and show off to their friends. Perhaps aswell to 'ride' hard and leave wet and exhausted. Women called out aswell, it seemed that her coming had been like blood in the water to the sharks. Daimon raised his glass to his lips to hide a grimace and distaste at their actions, but like them his eyes would trace her body.

Varick would see this and gulp, but he listened to their words and tried to calm his daughter. He knew that this would happen, but was not ready. Many things said made him want to kick their ass and kill more then a few. This was his beloved daughter and perfect angel. He would list all the things she could do, just to let them know. All of her talents, but those hidden between them as a family would be given.

" She can cook and clean, is well with children, a writer of tales, can read anything you want, plays some instruments, though she wants to learn more. She is a fine daughter, and very obedient. A decent storyteller, and holds an active imagination. Beautiful and likes to explore, can dance and sure to make you happy doing so. She sings, such a wonderful voice that warms the heart."

He would stop as his eyes were wet, the words of them all and his unwanting to lose her to them was crushing him. But he had decided this was the only way. To perhaps also let her find her own way and maybe find love she had seemed to avoid to help their family. He hated saying it, but he did.

" She is also a virgin, rare at her age, but its true. The doctor of the Prince can attest to this."

That had been one test he did not want to put her through. A man touching her where she should not be so unless she wanted. But it was important for the best sale, he felt like his daughter was just being looked at like some animal, and rage filled him aswell. Daimon watched the man, he wanted to know what he felt. Some men would sell their daughters for fun, why so many had so many children, not of love, but to sale off like livestock. These days were dark indeed, so different then when the king lived. His father outlawed slavery, but Daimon did not care, it brought in money and trade to his lands.Yet did not mean he wanted to see it done, or go to it. Nor buy them for himself.
Felane would be one of many standing at edge of the stage. His leer definatly deadly and just as predatory in lust as one could be. He grinned at the virgin part, and it sweetened the deal. He liked her, she was so delicious and he hungered for a taste of her.

" Then come on and get to it already, show us the goods. Tell her to strip down and let us see a sample of what we will get. Not like we are asking her to blow us all to see if her skills might be good."

Many laughed around him and called out for her to strip, making her father shake in anger and tears stream from the strain. Daimon felt it all and his wanting to kill them all. Daimon was not far off from that himself, Felane was causing a riot that if she did not strip then they would certainly make her. He shook his head and would see what Varick would do.

" Come one girl, please just do this. They just want to see what you have. I would never ask you to do this otherwise. You know I care about you. I am your father, and if there was another way, I would tell them all to shove their money up their arse and see you home to mom and kids. I hate asking you, its demeaning. But..."

He looked to her lost on what to do. He knew if she did not it would cause them all to grow restless. She was beautiful, and he did not wish her to strip for them. He looked to Daimon, to see if the lord would interject, but Daimon did not offer anything. If anything he looked as emotionless as always. But thoughtful, those glowing eyes scared him, but he would surely help if things went bad. He had offered his daughters safety until she was sold.

Daimon would watch to see what she would do. Eyes on hers, as she stood there amidst the darkness and those standing there around her offering to help her lose her virginity and in ways they went into detail. Felane the most, it seemed he would bid for her heavily. The lust he felt from the man disgusted him, if the girl went to him, she would be no more then... well it would be as bad as the rest. Spinning a coin before him, Daimon waited for Raine to refill his drink and take the coin, aswell did he sit her on his lap as he watched the going ons. Raine shook her head at the others, and muttered about them being  a frogs deriere.
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Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai   Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai EmptyWed Jul 11, 2018 8:42 pm

Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai Safe_image.php?d=AQBtJ82XwwTgpWKT&w=960&h=960&

Anastasia had been with her family as long as she could remember. She had grown up to be a beautiful young lady. Anastasia was the oldest of four siblings and when she came of age her father went to war. It was not to long that he came home. Her father had come home with a injury to her back where he would not allow to fully provide for his family. Anastasia could see the shame and pain in her father's eyes each day that passed and it was killing her so instead of going off into the world on her own she decided to stay and help her family. Her father could not find or hold a job as well as a human while her dear mother was just a fragile little elf. The days flowed and they soon ran out of money.

Anastasia saw that her father was beginning to come depressed and that very same day he had come to Anastasia with a proposal that,was bitter sweet. He would give her away and sell her to one of the lords of this place for money. Shocked and unable to speak Anastasia simply nodded and went to continue helping her siblings clean up. Many thoughts ran through her head as she helped her family. Was this truly the only way that her family could survive and get money. She looked from one family to the next and let out a sigh. Her family meant the world to her and if this was the only way, the truly only way then she would swallow her pride and do what her dad had asked and nearly begged of her.

It was only a couple of days till the party where everyone would gather round and bid on who would own and claim her body and soul. Anastasia looked at her hands as she brushed up on the things that would make her suitable for any king, prince or lord. When the day of the party came, Anastasia was washed three times and pampered as if she was on some sort of honeymoon. But that was definitely not the case here. Her hair had been combed through and she was dressed in a strapless kimono that emphasized her large breast so that they were practically begging to be set free. Her longs legs were covered by black thigh high stockings and her feet had on soft and dainty black slip on shoes. Anastasia bit her lip in anxiousness as she heard her father begin to speak about her. Focusing on what he was saying, Anastasia tried to push out the second thoughts and doubt of this whole situation. She looked up from her hands and as soon as she did that the curtains withdrew and there she stood in front of all kinds of faces. Molten amber eyes scanned the room and every face in it. None of the seemed sweet or kind or gentle. Each of them were hungry for her in their own way.

As if matter couldn't get any worse her father had mentioned her being a virgin, which meant they would really be hungry for something like her. Anastasia's eyes widened and she sucked in the tears as her hands moved to unto the garment she wore on her flawless ebony body. She dared not to look at anyone as she placed them to the side. All she could hear were many different cat callings and what not. A tear threatened to spill down her cheek as she now stood before the crowd bare naked. She looked around swiftly and caught sight of a cat girl in the lap of whom she heard was the King of this place. Half of her wanted to die, but as promised here she was. naked and ready to let go of any freedom she once had.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai   Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai EmptyWed Jul 11, 2018 10:19 pm

Daimon would sit there with the cat girl in his lap as he watched the auction of Varicks daughter. He had said he would come and make sure that the man got the money that was offered and agreed upon for the girl. Sitting over this deal, which was his job in many ways, but he had never officiated over an auction of this sort. Raine would grab his coin as she sat in his lap, and sighed as this was almost more then she could bare. She felt bad for the girl, and kept having to bite her tongue about this whole thing. But, she would look to Daimon, " You can't let Felane and the others buy her Daimon. You know as well as I do, what they will do to her, because she is so young and a virgin to boot, not to mention she is a beautiful young thing. You can't seriously be so heartless to just sit here and let them bid like this over her and not feel anything?" She asked him, but she sighed as she knew already the answer to her question. The young Lord of the land was not someone to care about others plights, let alone some girl he did not know. But she did see the Lords eyes as he looked over Anastasia. And there seemed to be something within them she had rarely seen. But, she could not place it, just sat there as he held her like she was his. Though she knew well he did not like her that way, this was merely a friendly action. She looked to him again.

Felane would look to her and smile as he licked his lips. Oh he was handsome enough, that all the girls swooned over him, and women always sought his attention. But, that is until they were either bedded by him or got close enough to learn his dark likes. Then all that charming male, turned into a real nightmare, and the Lord of the land could attest to the mans likes, for he had joined the man plenty of times on the town, or once or twice to a house where you could ask for something you like and get it. Daimon never ordered himself, but he knew his friend never turned down a chance to get his dark desires sated, even if he had to pay extra. Felane was just a human with a darkness inside him, where as some of the others gathered here were of different species. And they all whistled and watched as Anastasia dropped the kimono and freed that body that lay hidden under it. Though before as she stood there, those large breasts seemed pushed up and almost ready to spill out on their own accord. Hands would raise up and bids would fly forth from their mouths. The bid started at no less then a thousand gold marks, since she was a virgin and elven stock. Felane easily rose that price over and over as he sat close by Daimon and made sure Varick seen his hand to keep in the bid for her as the price went up by thousands a time.

Which left some of the taverns occupants out, cause they were simple men that had heard of a sale and come to see what it was about. Their wallets not so hefty, even for such a prize such as her. Though they did enjoy the sight of her naked ebony body on display, leering as if they had never seen a womans body before. Though Daimon did admit, he had never seen such perfection before, she was a very beautiful young woman, and her elven features added to that appeal. He drank in her ebony skin, and traveled over her nipples that sat on her large well rounded breasts. And his eyes even traveled over her slender stomach, and to that dark patch of hair between her thighs. And as low as he could tell on her from his angle. As he seen her look at him, he would swear he seen a depth of saddness in her eyes that he knew just did not belong on those angelic features.

Felane and the other lords were in a deep and heated battle for her, bidding on her as they all stood and got a better and closer look at the prize. As long as they did not crowd and this get out of hand he would allow it, or if they did not touch her until purchase. He would not allow greedy little hands to explore her form. Her father seemed to be feeling sorry about this, but at the same time knew he had nothing else to do. Varick would move her softly and turn her around, showing them her well rounded ass. " The bid is rather high, for you dear, you shall be setting us up for a long time. I am just sorry it has to be this way. You are strong my dear, stronger then I seem to be these days, and I am proud of you. I understand if you hate me. Just don't hate the others, this was me and my idea." He said to her softly as he kept an eye on the guys that surrounded the area he had her on. Not wanting to see her with any of them, as he knew what they wanted from her. But, again what was he to do when he promised this sale, and they needed the money to feed the family and survive.

Felane would smile as he looked to her ass that was now facing him and he grinned to her. " Hmm I do love this veiw as well, I could just see bending her over in my chambers and slamming my thick long cock into that tight pussy as I beat that ass red. Such a fine round ass deserves the best" He grinned and the others laughed and spoke of the lewd things they would do to her. It made Varick uneasy, and he looked to Daimon who seemed to be sitting with Raine on his lap and just watching to make sure it did not get any more crowded then it was. Felane would hold the highest bid and he smiled up to Anastasia, " I shall treat you well my dear, Ive never tasted elven pussy before, heard it tastes like honey."

Daimon would sigh as Raine, poked his ribs and nodded to her. " You really going to sit back and see this happen. He will rape her and just throw her away after she is broken and you know it." She said in an angry tone, hoping to snap Daimon out of his mood of seeming indifferent. Soon Daimon gripped her hips and moved her over into a chair, and off his lap as he got up and looked over the girls ass. Oh how that ass would be nice warming his bed, but he shook such thoughts away. And he parted the men that stood before the girl, and soon hopped up on the stage, sweeping up her Kimono as he did. And soon he settled it upon her shoulders and wrapped it around her. " I bid one hundred acres of land outside my Palace, two hundred head of cattle, thirty pigs, and two hundred thousand marks." He said as he stood beside her. Making it clear his intent to buy her.

Varick and the rest would have their jaws drop at such a price, and knew that there was few whom could compete with him on that. But no more seemed to come from the others, even the flustered and upset Lord Felane seemed to be shocked that Daimon had thrown in a bid. Let alone on some girl that was not high born or any type they seen him with time to time. But, Daimon looked to her as he stood there. " Im not asking your father, do you accept the deal?"
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Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai   Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai Empty

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Dark Heart meets a Pure Soul ( Mature, Tavern ) Damon/ Kai
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