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 Too little, too late (Syanyte)

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PostSubject: Too little, too late (Syanyte)   Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:45 pm

the day had slowly faded in tonight. The sun had begun to slowly set in the Horizon and the oranges began to fade into deep Reds and slowly into Violet and then midnight blue. there had not been very much too had going on today and yet has she moved to slowly flick her hair over her left ear Lou she stared down at the man that laid on the ground in a pool of his own blood. Her eyes slowly narrowed at him and she had seen that his neck had been Twisted all the way around so that his head was now facing her and it's just lay flat against the cold Cobblestone that was drenched and the red Crimson that came from his body. her red painted lips slowly up turned into a Cupid's bow as she slowly walked into the tavern. That she moved men began to turn their heads and stare at her and yet she paid them no mind even as her Footprints left blood stains on the dusty wooden floor. she had a very mean walk about her her hips Sashay to from left to right her hands the merely at her side and swollen ever-so-slightly as her body seems to slink like a snake over to the bar. her long hair hung low around her rounded bottom that seem to be as plump as a nice ripe Apple just juicy and reading for itself to be picked. her breasts were full and round and had just a bit of gravity that seem to pull it down just a bit the ever so slight sags of them show that she had a bit of age on her and yet at the same time that her chest was not just rounded bubbles plastered on her chest. Ying slowly took a seat and waited on the barkeeper to come over to her. She waved the old man over beckoning him closer to her her long sharp claw like nails curl that she pulled the man closer toward her her voice as smooth as silk and drops of rain that was touching the very parched Earth as she spoke. "Bring me a very strong glass of alcohol no ice please I think I want to dwell into the world tonight and keep them coming I'll pay you handsomely. Thank you."
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PostSubject: Re: Too little, too late (Syanyte)   Sun Jul 01, 2018 4:50 pm

Shyge had already been in the tavern enjoying a drink when another female that she could smell. She turned her head towards the other and the bright echo location lit her up to where she could see her and see just how beautiful she was. Watching her close though soon turned away drowning her drink her dragon body seemed to really look good. the scales covering her breasts which lifted her plump breasts up more and against her some. Shyge bit her bottom lip fangs showing her claws on her fingers as she gripped the glass. A smirk on her lips as she finally stood up the bartender would bring the other a drink and keep an eye on her for her needing refills.

Shyge moved over to the other female she moved swiftly her tail moving back and forth knocking things over and not caring as she was usually in here. "Mm hello, was the kill entertaining." She was able to smell the blood on her. Moving to sit down in a chair across from her. "You seem to know what you want." Her hand lightly moving along the table but she could not see what she was doing as the echo only worked when she stood up and moved around other than that she could not see things around her. No one could see her eyes as she didn't really have any just the scaled like things on her face.
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PostSubject: Re: Too little, too late (Syanyte)   Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:27 am

Ying looked over at the blind dragoness. She looked at the woman knock things over as she came and sat before her. Ying swiftly kicked a bucket out of Shyge's way. It had been carelessly left there by a bar wench. How typical. Scoffing at such ignorance, Ying returned her gaze to the blopind woman. A small smile came on her face, lips upturned into a wicked grin. A pleased hum of approval followed. "Indeed it was. Men are nothing but our tools. It is acceptible to dispose of them as we Women see fitting. Human filth. Its every where. But i am sure you understand?" She exclaimed. Her hatred for men ran deep. They had only one use to her- food.
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PostSubject: Re: Too little, too late (Syanyte)   Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:11 pm

Shyge turned her head to where she had heard her voice and nodded. "I could not agree with you more, men of this earth had no clue how to bow those unlike they did years and years ago." Decades ago they would bow to a woman like her as she would be a god in their eyes. biting her bottom lip as she thought for a second. "How does it taste? The blood I mean, it has been a while for me." Asking softly a part of her wanted to ask if she could taste it off of her fingers as that scent was so appetizing especially as it mixed with her own musk which had her shiver slightly. Lifting a hand to rub over the part that was her eyes as if trying to rub her eyes that she didn't have.
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PostSubject: Re: Too little, too late (Syanyte)   

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Too little, too late (Syanyte)
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