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 That one guy (Syanyte)

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PostSubject: That one guy (Syanyte)   Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:56 pm

"Here at flaunted we strive to give you the absolute best in fashion in today's modern world. We offer our customers and our fans the most luxurious clothing and with the most beautiful and top quality materials as we can acquire. Here at flaunted we want to make sure that you can flaunt all of your great and wonderful self! Be original be you, flaunt it!"

The look of absolute boredom that was written all over his face only seem to get worse as the presentation went on. there just were not enough hours in the day and order for him to sit back and listen to each and every single person who gave him an idea pitch. He stared up at the ceiling looking at the two pencils that had been lodged into the actual markings that he had made playing darts with himself pretty much. He had not paying attention to a single word the young lady up at the Smartboard had been saying. This is usually how all of his meetings went. He didn't care what was being said or how anything was going everything went into one ear and slowly out the other. why he did not care you ask? That was a very very simple thing to answer he just didn't he didn't care about anything but himself and what he can gain out of the presentation. Listening to everyone's long and drawn-out information about how much they wanted to kiss his ass on how great his company was and how wonderful he was got tiresome after a while.

Makaveli stared up at the ceiling not really caring what was going on. he seem to just continuously look out at the ceiling and then slowly craned his head down and to the side to steer out the window. as everyone clapped that show the end of the presentation once the Applause runs over he slowly put his pin down and stared at the young lady and clapped as if he had been listening the entire time even putting on fake smile as he looked at her. it was clear to her and everyone else who had been seated at the meeting that he had not heard a single word of what was being said because of what he said next.

" Thank you so much Beth that was wonderful. I actually enjoyed that presentation didn't everyone else? Okay good I'm glad everyone did it so now let's move on to the fall line for this month."

It was Summer...
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PostSubject: Re: That one guy (Syanyte)   Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:27 pm

Jessie was in the meeting but she could tell that their boss was not into it in the little bit so she had wrote down important parts that he needed to know and left out all the fluff. This was something she did for him to make sure he was still in the loop. She stood up and looked to the rest of everyone else. "I made a request that everyone work on a more thicker type line so those are not ready yet for the summer line as soon as it ready I will give all the information and pictures to you." She said lightly as she was thick and well was tired of seeing all these skinny ass clothes and people always being negative about her weight.

She was his secretary and well it he could turn down the idea as it was his baby and she was just someone that worked here. Slipping a hand up to push her hair behind her ear. She was wearing a nice white dress that clung to her curves and showed off the sweet of her rather large breasts. Someone spoke up though as she had slowly began to sit back down. "I personally don't think we should do that as it will isolate our current customers." It was a woman that was actually rather skinny wearing a deep red dressed that really didn't suite her body. She had no curves in the least bit. "I understand that but it would be nice to have some others and maybe make a new way to bring new faces."

The woman glared at her and Jessie just shook her head looking back to her boss. "Though I understand if you would rather not do that." She really had no say in this and well was just trying to expand the name.
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PostSubject: Re: That one guy (Syanyte)   Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:58 am

Makaveli was not really paying attention to really anything that was going on at the moment. His nickel silver eyes staring out the window now as everyone seem to be getting ready to leave the meeting. He didn't even care what was being said or who said whatever. It was not until he heard the light chiming noise of his secretaries voice that he slowly craned his head around to look at her. It took him a moment to try and realize who this woman was. Yes, it was Jasmine! That had to be her name saying is she looked like a Jasmine. What she actually suggesting to add a plus size section to their summer line? Had she really just said that out loud?! No, there had to be no way that she really thought that he was going to go along with that kind of idea.

"Who are you again?" He asked Jessie.

But then his attention flashed over to the woman in the very loose red dress. She of course was seeming to try and save money and did not want to push away the current customers they had currently. And then Jesse wanted to bring in a new customers so that there was a plus-size line. There was no way he was wasting money to supply Hippo's with clothes that would look like curtains!

"Look Miss.... Jackie. Im not putting up a plus-size anything. But, if you can convince me that Shamu looks good in a bikini, then sure! Why the hell not!? If not, sit down." Makaveli then claps his hands together and gave her a half lopsided smile. He really wasn't paying attention to what she had to say and really did not give a damn.
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PostSubject: Re: That one guy (Syanyte)   Sat Jul 07, 2018 11:53 am

Jessie looked to him as she saw his face contort like that and knew what she had said was now a bad idea. "I am Jessie your secretary." She kind of glared at him for what he said and finally when she finished she actually stood again and slammed her not pad down. "Excuse me, what did you say? Shamu?" She motioned to herself. "If you believe that you are a pompous pig just like any other stereotypical male, Here I thought you might like some variety but it seems the stick figures are better for business." Taking a moment to think. "And heck yell we look good in a bikini well I know I do." Many just looked at her shocked at what she said.

"But if people like me disgust you so much you can have this job and shove it up your ass." With that she flung the pad across the table where he should be able to see she had taken notes for him as well as had idea's for the plus size line and a few other things of importance that she had been meaning to ask him. Many of the people in the room had laughed at what he had said but not her. With that she stormed out of the meeting and went to go clean out her desk. Her heart was racing she had never expected to actually tell him off even after all the rudeness he had ever showed her little respect.

Calling her fat people names that she had finally had her breaking point to today.
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PostSubject: Re: That one guy (Syanyte)   

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That one guy (Syanyte)
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