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 Dance of the wolf ( Mature ) Open

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Damon Eros

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Dance of the wolf ( Mature ) Open Empty
PostSubject: Dance of the wolf ( Mature ) Open   Dance of the wolf ( Mature ) Open EmptyTue Jul 10, 2018 1:00 am

Evangeline, Dance of the Wolf.

The world would come into a haze as the smoke would cover the village as the attack would be nearing a close. Bandits had come at dawn, taking the village guard by suprise and easily sweeping them under no matter the large walls that fortified it. All villages held walls in this age, where things move in the dark and took the wary. Nightmares had sprung up and some resisted magic and others weapons, one could not tell until they tried. But these were simple Bandits, lead by one of the old generals of a Nation now in crumbles, his knights left him long ago as he turned to this raving man. Something seemed to have taken his mind, and urged him onward to sweep the landscape in a sea of crimson, as if this would feed the forest, one dark these days. Perhaps it was what the land wished, had infected him as if influencing its will upon those things that had corrupted it. His eyes would softly mirror the world around him, haze of the smoke, the blaze of the fires, faces of his men and those villagers being slayed. Crimson stained the ground along with much more, gore, bowels, bodies all the viscera one holds inside spilled forth to fertilize or perhaps in some sick ritual, sacrifice them to the Forest itself.

Villagers put up a struggle for awhile and their Guardian aswell, unfortunatly she had been the first to be added to his collection, tied up and he would take her back to his camp and later finish his fun he had begun. With a village girl, ripe and young for the picking. She was tied before him now. So each move his horse made in its soft trot would force his thick long length to bury into her tight once virgin hole. The women would be taken, well some, the old would be given to his men, whom some were already taking care of them. Women lay broken and bent over all manner of things and were being raped now. Some dying in the fun of his men, their necks broke as one took her mouth and another her backside, slamming into her so hard the bones and cartlige would snap in a gruesome sound as they came into her now dead form. Her eyes glazed over as the life would leave it. Others would soon join her and many more had. The children were taken, they would be trained and their minds broken like the men he lead, shifting them into more of an army, but the men were killed as they fought. Many brutally, their half of faces would be gone as a mace, morning star, hammer would bash it in, shattering bone and rending flesh.

His long blade would slice into a man trying to sneak up on him with a spear, the longer weapon would gain a usuall upperhand, but he was not impressed and the man weilding it obviously not its owner. Ducking the bladed tip, he would then lean in and slice the mans neck, the sharp edge would easily cut deep. Splashing the woman on him with the mans blood, adding to her horror and moving upon him. Further adding to the sexuall high he got from her. Kicking the man back he would raise his hand and call his guards. They moved from the Village around him in a form that was both fast and precise in their movments, cutting down all in their path, ally and villager alike. These were the men that he trusted above any other, who served him loyally as he had summoned them. Their thoughts were his to bend, to mold to his dark vision. Each man looked perfect, supernaturally so. Glowing blue orbs would meet any that would come before them. " Grab the women and let the others play, take them home, half stay here with me."

They would listen, half would circle up the women and children, and move them out. The others would ring him in a tight circle as his men continued to slaughter and **** those remaining. Soon he would be joined by two large wolves, as they would growl to those circled around him, until they parted and let them through. " When your done, take the treasure and food and return the the camp. I shall release a few women for those that serve me well." He would entice them with more action, the treasure aswell, he cared not for either. This bloodshed, and the one it would surely anger was his worry. He would force the Old one out. And then finally kill the son of the General that had killed his son. He had prepared long years for this, had made contracts with many forces in offer for his newfound powers, enough to kill in return,then move to kill the General himself. Soon...

" Let a villager survive to talk. The rest kill and lets be going, you can play in the next village. We shall raze this realm before we are done. You will all hold a place in the new Empire and money to sit well." Men and women would cheer in this band, over three hundred strong, they would kill the rest over the next hour. Then the massive line of wagons and warriors would leave the burning village behind, one live man to tell the tale, unless something got to him before then, this forest forgave nothing, and its inhabitants even less understanding.

At the camp centered in a Canyon the man would smile, the ride here the girl had passed out, her womb full of his seed. He would untie her and throw her to his Second in command. She would catch her and hand her to his Guard, " Take her to his tent, I am sure when she wakes up, she would love being taken again." She then would await her Lord to step down. Evangeline would look to Zeine and smile. Stopping him softly before he would place himself away, and lick him clean. Then step away licking her lips. " Sire I shall ready the guard, no doubt Reace Agustus would soon be coming. He always seems to find you, perhaps leaving someone alive is reason?"

Zeine would look to her and smile as she cleaned him, he never forced her onto him, just awaited and filled her aswell. Then placed himself away and then looked to her, his green eyes rolled with energy. Standing beside his mount, a large warhorse, Zeine would send it off to rest with the others and look to Evangeline. " Let him come, I shall entertain his Dark Ranger in the meantime, she shall be fun no doubt. But until then the ugly of the women can be let to the men. Others you can pick one if you like. Gather my Lieutenants and have them go to the War tent. I shall lay out plans for the next Village." Silent as death he would step away from her as she bowed and he opened the tent flap and stepped into it, pouring him a drink. He awaited the others.
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Dance of the wolf ( Mature ) Open
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