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 Assassin and her Master (Mature, action,)open

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Assassin and her Master (Mature, action,)open Empty
PostSubject: Assassin and her Master (Mature, action,)open   Assassin and her Master (Mature, action,)open EmptyTue Jul 10, 2018 12:52 am

Kaizyl has been the word that was uttered in secrecy, that was infamous with acts that would make the ancient evils proud of their creation had they been around that long. He was a being that was primordal and with it came the power so ancient it was when the verse had come to being, when the All God had brought his dream into birth, the land was raw, old, full of fury, and from it rose the Ancient races that walked a world man and other races could never have, burning seas of molten rock was his pools, his landscape was his domain of pure nothing but rock ash, and beautiful flow of what would one day be life in its pure form. Then the earth cooled, Gods rivalled for this world he once walked freely, and placed him in a dimension called Hell, with his brethren, banishing them from their homeland. He was old, had survived fueds with other races, other powers and demigods, now he had again walked his world. It had changed so much, and would under his dark guidence, untill we came to this timeline. 23456 was the year, and now the Ancient world of Darkness had gone the way of the future aswell, in place of Castles and Fortress' rose Skyscrapers and Corporations that filled this land. Now the world was dark her, it would always be in Candors Blight, land of Evil in its best, but now it echoed the rest of the world, and mega corporations of Races filled the land and ruled it. Such a town was Briana, a town that shimmered with neons and lights that lit the surrounding darkness that perpetually filled the landscape. Broken lands surrounded each major city, and this was no different, the poor lived on the outskirts, easy for raiders to dwindle their numbers with little law in the slums. And it was in the largest Building that rose like some great mountain to the skies, that Kaizyl would sit in his true form. Upon his throne like chair that was made of dragon skin, stuffed with Phoenix down, and crystal frame. The crystal like so much about this city would easily be shifted and changed to his minds design. Weapons he did not need in his lair, for the very place and himself were the weapon. Assassins died when they tried to kill him, and they always would as he was a major entity in this world. But none broke thorough the defenses that were living as the building itself was. A fusion of biology, technology, and magic. It was a work of art, an intimidation to other places as he was to other people, even in his guise of Shadow Elven.

Sitting there on the top floor he would lean back in his chair, feet on his desk as the many walls would hold wrap around tv screens, showing the Candors Blight, his city, news, and even the building security over all who were in it. His eyes would look to a few holding news of another gang war in the business district and he would type on the small handheld comp in his hand, about what to send out for them. He would smile and send in the mindless robots, that he controlled to kill those who overstepped their bounds. Or his teams of men and women that were loyal to him and the corporation he ran. A cover for himself, he Goes by the name of Kai, a Merithian who won big through his family inheritance coming to him. Like all those puppet leaders he had once used, this form of him was but a cover for the true power in this City. All he had to worry about were the Angels and Fallen Angels, and Archdemons and Devils that were a big part of other cities, but rare they would come out of their territories for a power struggle, and he let them live, even allied with a few. Like Marius and Marek, the Fallens who roamed their lands. His hand would be holding the glass of liqour he had poured himself earlier, still chilled to perfection, he would softly intake the aroma and smile. Soon she would be back from her assignment and he could relax a bit more. Strange how he could care about another being in this world, but she was special and so she was given more freedom then any. And all other City boss's and other gangsters and mob leaders knew she belonged to him, and stayed away least they invoke his wrath. But in truth they stayed away from her, cause she was one of the best, a killer who would soon see you dead then talk to you. A loner she was when he searched her out in his City and hired her for his pleasure. Though it had never gone so, but she was loyal and he was taken by her charm.

His mouth would slightly open as the glass raised to his lips and he took a long pull of the drink inside it. Chilled ice chips slowly met his lips as he drank and he smiled as they quickly melted, from the normal heat his body gave off. He could keep this from happening, but there was no care too. He would look to his computer Pad in his hand and send her a message on her small cellphone like equipment. -Return when you are finished killing the Leader of the Sethieo, and report in.- It would give off a silent message alarm incase she was mid mission, he would not threaten her life with anything. She was his right hand, and was as precious as a heart. His eyes would move through the spectrums as he looked to the large guards at his door, they were the best he trained and made from genetic material of the best killer animals, he smirked as they stopped his secretary and she would give them a tongue lashing. To think and Elven woman would dare such against killers, but they would back up and let her in.

" Ah those assholes at your door piss me off all the time, they just stand there like statues, unless they see me. Then they grab for my ass like fucking leachers. I shall kill them if they keep it up."

She would vent to him and then hand him the papers she had gotten from the mission reports of all his teams but one. He would nod to Jess, and smile softly as he looked to her.

" Kill only one then please, they are not cheap."
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Assassin and her Master (Mature, action,)open
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