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 A Marriage of the ages. ( Mature...) Damon and Emiya

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Damon Eros

Damon Eros

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PostSubject: A Marriage of the ages. ( Mature...) Damon and Emiya   Mon Jul 23, 2018 5:26 pm

The kingdom of Arcadiana was a part of the desert landscape, it was steeped in history and mystery. A place where magic and technology of the time came together to strengthen the Kingdom that flourished even in the sweltering heat of the desert. Water and crops had been brought in and bred that could grow and thrive in this land, and made for rich sale and distribution to the people. It was a prosperous kingdom under the guidence of a strong and noble King. Though many loved the man, they like all others knew that he was now growing in age, and the time to give his son the throne was soon at hand. But, before he got the throne, the crown prince would have to find that someone that he would marry in life. And that for the Prince was something of a bad thing. Not that he was unhappy about finding a woman to marry, but that he would have to give up the things that would threaten that. Much like how he loved his parties, and always threw the biggest and grandest parties. His drinking would surely have to go aswell, he was fun loving and the drink was his favored past time. Aswell, was the women he kept in his company, his second in command ( Leader of his Royal Highness's Guard), was a woman and he did enjoy her company time to time. It was no relationship, just a friendship that entailed sex. Something he did not like to go without, and had been well versed in by his fathers harem. But, he wanted a woman he could love, and fuck. So he would not be keeping a harem like his father. But he would groan at the thought of if he had to wait a long time for sex with his bride to be. He was a man and thought about pleasure as much as he did all about leading his father hammered into him.

Prince Cain, would be looking out the window of the throne room, his father going on and on. The advisor was talking to his father about an envoy that was on its way. And that was nothing new as this was a big trade place for the Kingdom, and where people from all around came. Cain, however looked back at his father, as the man talked about an arranged marriage, and the woman the King had picked being in the envoy. This both excited him, and made him a bit mad. He thought he would pick the woman, but he would not go against his fathers wish and make the man angry. " I shall meet with her then at the feast." He said and would move to go and dress up for the feast that would happen that night. If he was to meet his future wife, he would be clean of the dust of travel he had done in his hunt for the prey for the dinner. Some boar and other beasts he had taken, along with livestock his father had commisioned. He washed in his private bath, and dressed himself in his fine blue hued attire. And he would walk back out later to the already prepared dining hall where the feast was ready and the people had gathered that had been invited. Taking a seat, he awaited to see his wife to be.

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A Marriage of the ages. ( Mature...) Damon and Emiya
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