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 A Blind Love, A Master and his Sexy Pet. ( Dace and Unicorn)

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Damon Eros

Damon Eros

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PostSubject: A Blind Love, A Master and his Sexy Pet. ( Dace and Unicorn)   Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:48 pm

Victor had always been a man whom lived his life the way he wanted to. Even as a kid he only lived by his own rules, and in a wealthy family he got away with it. His family name meant something to many people and even the cops knew his family and did not hassle him. Victor Crane, had grown up wild and free in a way that he could enjoy the finer things in life and never really knew hardship. The only real hardship that came, was when he was in his teens and his parents died on a trip to overseas. His fathers private jet had gone down in the island that they were off too. And both had died along with the pilot. This event changed the wild boy into having responsibilities for his fathers Estates and business that had always been in the family since they came her from Greece. His great great great grandfather had started the business when it was just him a friend and three ships. Now he owned a fleet of ships that brought in items or shipped them overseas to buyers. All going through the firm that his dad ran and soon he was able to take control of after he graduated college and held his own business degree and the mentorship of his fathers close friend.

He was in his late twenties, but his toned muscular form seemed still in the prime of his teens. Strong and built from playing sports and his own personal trainers in the various martial arts. He thought it would help him incase he needed to know them. You never know when you will meet some bad scenario and it was good to be prepared. Blue eyes so soft they seemed grey would be looking through the paperwork he had before him. He was in his own personal office at home today. It was one of his rare times off. And he seemed stuck over an adertisment bid that he had been given. It just did not seem right, so he put it to the side and looked through his computer. Smiling as he logged on and went to the site he had found for black market items. Usually this was things that were outlawed or banned in most states or the country. Much like the ad he seen posted about a young lady that a man was wanting to sell. It had her listed as beautiful, hard working, and kind. And then showed a picture of her. She seemed very beautiful, and just his type. But it did not say much else. So he supposed he would give the man a call. And dialed the number. " Yes my name is Victor Crane, yes as in that Crane. I would like to inquire about the young woman you mentioned and purchase her. You can bring her by the house tonight if you want. And I have the whole payment ready for you." He said to the man who seemed interested in his want for the woman.

" Well I would like a good slave that I can train and perhaps she can give me company when I feel like" He said and they came to an agreement and he smiled as he hung up and went to make sure things were ready for a guest. Not knowing if he wanted her to have her own room. Would be better to just share his. And more comfortable for him as it meant she would be beside him, even if they just slept. Then he went to fix dinner as he waited for them to show up. He loved to cook and prepared a lot of greek inspired meals.
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A Blind Love, A Master and his Sexy Pet. ( Dace and Unicorn)
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