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 A love of the Gods. ( Unicorn and Dace

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Damon Eros

Damon Eros

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PostSubject: A love of the Gods. ( Unicorn and Dace   Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:45 pm

It had been a long time since his brother had taken the mantle of Elder God and Ruler of Olympus making him and his other brother take lesser roles in the scheme of things. Posiedon had taken over ruling the seas and storms, making his kingdom under the sea what he always dreamed it could be. Meanwhile Hades had been stuck with looking over the underworld where the souls of the living went. Being a place split into two, one side the Elysium fields where the warriors and good went after they died, and Hades, named after him of course, where the bad and wicked souls went. Leaving him alone with those beings that shared this place with him, much like Cerberus, the three headed dog he kept as guardian. Also Charon the ferryman to the river Styx, was always offering the souls passage to their new existance down here. But he sighed as the rest were monsters or demons that went about torturing the souls that had been given eternal damnation by their acts. And there was only so much fun in torture that you could do. No the Lord of the Underworld was quite lonely and it was not like him. But then he did hunger for someone to warm his bed and perhaps rule beside him. Unlike Zeus and Hera, he did not feel like popping up to the Earth when he got bored and fuck some human. When they should be content with themselves. But he cared not his brothers actions, he was the one whom tricked Hades into taking this place.

He ran a hand in his dark hair, and his blue eyes glowed like the hellfire around his Throne room. Perhaps he should go up to the world and see about finding someone to make this place less, drull. Soon he stood up all dressed in black, his tan skin seemed to shine as he held a charming smile as he opened the portal and went to the upper world. Hades looked around the area he was in and stood there in the town as he felt someone calling to him. A form that held the beauty of a goddess, and strength and kindness that was so rare in his work. But it was said opposites attract. Smirking he seen her dark caramel colored skin as he appeared behind her. His hand softly stroked the side of her neck, as he moved her hair aside and kissed along her neck. " And hello there my beauty. What brings you here and not on Olympus, my little goddess of sexiness?" He spoke softly in her ear, his warm breath teasing her neck.
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Damon Eros

Damon Eros

Posts : 60
Join date : 2018-06-26

PostSubject: Re: A love of the Gods. ( Unicorn and Dace   Mon Aug 20, 2018 6:15 pm

Hades smiled as he stood before her in the gardens. She had been said to be the most beautiful girl in this part of the world, and just looking at her standing before him he would believe it. She held the aura and beauty of a goddess, perhaps not one that had fully awakened her powers, but enough that she drew his attention. Here he thought he had come upon a beautiful Mortal, and instead found a treasure so far from Olympus. Blue eyes took her in as she had been humming and giving her due attention to the flowers before he had interrupted her. His eyes looked into those golden hazel eyes, as she looked up at him as he stood directly behind her. All he needed to do was reach out and pull her against him. And he could claim her his. Smirking as she rose a questioning brow. " Well my beautiful Goddess of the garden. I am Hades, ruler of the Underworld."

He said as if it was just normal to see him there on the world above. When it had truthfully been so long. And when she stepped away and turned to look at him, he already missed watching her ass and feeling her so close. She was short, but very sexy in that small package. Her caramel brown skin made him want to hungrily lick every inch of her. Taste her and see if she indeed tasted as sweet as she seemed. Watching her he kept his eyes off her nice breasts and that outfit that showed them well and clung just right. And he gave her a smile. " And how about you? What name shall I moan to the heavens? " He teased as he stepped forward keeping the distance between them small. His strong form so close to her lithe form. And he wanted no more then to grip her hips and pull her the rest of the way against him. " You are beautiful, so fitting in this place my little flower." His hand moved out and caressed her cheek like she had with the petals of the flowers. And soon that hand ran along her neck slowly.
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A love of the Gods. ( Unicorn and Dace
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